The Beguiled ★★★★★

Sofia's second best film behind Lost in Translation.

Fueled by outstanding performances The Beguiled is atmospheric, tension filled, and gorgeous. It's also moody, claustrophobic, and dramatic. I could go on and on. This movie was shot on film and used mostly natural lighting including candle-light, which added so much to the mood. This film is a dazzling technical achievement. It's truly a wonder to look at. Sofia directs the living hell out of this movie!

Performance-wise everyone brings their A-Game. We are not worthy of Kirsten Dunst and Nicole Kidman. Elle Fanning brings a ton of flare. Colin Farrell is charming and mysterious. Everyone watch out for Oona Laurence; she's a movie star in the making. I can't get over the performances. It's very difficult to pick a standout because everyone is so incredible. This is the best performance driven movie I have seen in quite sometime.

I love period pieces and melodramas so much. There's no doubt that The Beguiled is one of the best. Also, that final shot is so bone-chilling. I was just sitting there wide-eyed with my jaw on the floor.

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