The Place Beyond the Pines

The Place Beyond the Pines ★★★★★

GREAT movie! I really wasn't expecting it to go in the direction that it did, like I was very surprised. But I really liked the series of events and how it all played out. Pretty brilliant if you ask me. I was so invested in the story during the whole movie. The tone of this movie was amazing! The story was so deep; the way it unfolded and played out had me so into the movie.

The performances were outstanding. Ryan Gosling is top notch once again. Bradley Cooper once again proves he can do any role. Cooper is becoming one of the best actors in today's time. Eva Mendes did fine in her supporting role. The kids also did very well. I can't forget Ben Mendelsohn, this dude did phenomenal as well.

What's really great is the trailer literally did not ruin anything about the movie. Like I said in my first paragraph; I was totally surprised and had no idea what was going to happen next. I loved how I was able to experience the film till it's fullest! I was both mentally and emotionally invested in this film.

OUTSTANDING! One of the best movies I've ever seen.

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