Favorite films

  • Speed Racer
  • Malcolm X
  • Cinema Paradiso
  • Y Tu Mamá También

Recent activity

  • The American


  • Memento


  • In Bruges


  • Wind River


Recent reviews

  • Memento



    no idea what happened

  • Two for the Money

    Two for the Money


    Some funny moments 
    Feels disjointed and characters and relationships undeveloped 
    I like al pacinos character but not mcconaugheys as much 
    their relationship reminds  me of training day 
    Ok movie

Popular reviews

  • Army of Darkness

    Army of Darkness


    Bitch I’m back out my coma

    great trilogy overall it’s so cool to see how it grew from the small scale cabin in the woods movie in the first one to this epic scale. It maintains and intensifies the campy humour and takes itself even less seriously. 
    They really leaned into the one liners in this one too which was so cool. Well written funny plot.
    I liked the way the camera was dynamic, twisting and turning with the story…

  • Speed Racer

    Speed Racer


    Where do I even start. 
    Such a creative and unique use of colours. Like how Tarkovsky movies every shot is like a painting, some of these shots look like comic book panels in the best way possible. In that breath, the whole movie is a completely one of a kind blend of film, video game and cartoon.
     I’ve never seen another movie look like this and it really is a groundbreaking foray into the potentials of digital effects in filmmaking…