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  • La La Land

    La La Land


    2016 Movies Ranked πŸ‘πŸΌ
    Top 10 Favorites

    I first watched La La Land back in December of 2016 opening night. I knew after the opening song; it was going to be a masterpiece. And I was right. I truly believe this film to be a masterpiece and one of the best movies of all time. It's one of the most stylistically unique films I had ever seen. I fear that I will never find that feeling again in a cinemaβ€”that…

  • Whiplash



    2014 Ranked πŸ‘πŸΌ

    This film is perfectly quite my tempo. Another 10/10 film in the books! (And I do not give out many 10/10s)

    I play the piano and used to take lessons. I do not take lessons anymore, but still play as a hobby. I studied piano/music for about ten years and had an excellent piano teacher. She wasn't as intense or verbally abusive as Terrance Fletcher, but she was tough enough to make me fear her at times.…

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  • Anastasia



    1997 Ranked πŸ‘πŸΌ

    The last time I saw this, I thought there weren't enough songs in it that distracted the feel from the movie. But now that I've seen it again, it's clear that the songs are well written, along with the storyline.Anastasia rises above its flaws to offer an engaging, emotionally resonant story of a girl's search for identity. Within its historical, apparently-factual context, the film presents a situation almost everyone can relate to--that of trying to find one's…

  • My Life as a Zucchini

    My Life as a Zucchini


    Film Club Ranked πŸ‘πŸΌ
    2016 Ranked

    It's easy to dismiss an animated film like this that deals with the themes that this does. I, for one, did not know this film existed. The film's quality, however, goes a long way towards making us realize that running time doesn't dictate how good something is. This film is short, but it packs a punch. One of its biggest strengths is that it doesn't try to fill up the running time or try…

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  • Tangled



    I would like to point out something about when Rapunzel sings the β€œflower gleam and glow” song.Β 
    When we first hear Mother Gothel sing it; it’s in a minor key (sounds sad). Then we hear Rapunzel sing it when she’s a child in a major key (sounds happy). She later goes on to sing it in front of Flynn to heal him, but she sings it in the minor key. For some reason it gives Gothel a more human characteristic…

  • Clue



    Mr. Green: I’d planned to expose you
    Mr. Wadsworth: I know. I’d rather expose myself.Β 
    Colonel Mustard: Please. There are ladies present! Β Β 

    HA this is pure gold.

    Every single line is delivered with such wit and confidence. ClueΒ was so much fun to watch. Highly recommend you check it out if you want to keep yourself guessing and laughing your ass off.