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This review may contain spoilers.

From the makers of "lets kill half of all humanity" comes "'lets kill all of humanity."

I liked this a lot! Was it the best MCU film put out this year? Nope... Shang-Chi takes the crown for that. Eternals met my expectations but did not exceed them. After a strong start, I felt much of the first half had too much of an expository element, which I understand is necessary for a film this grand. They literally introduced a whole species and an entire corner of mythology in one film. In addition, the "much-needed exposition" added to characterizations as they tried utilizing everyone to justify their presence. Some things that held this film back were the deviants (which I get were necessary but they were lame) and the writing. The plot suffers from questionable dialogue here and there which led to some head-scratching decisions.

It was refreshing that there was definitely no "good" or "bad". Unlike the typical superhero trope, it's so hard to pinpoint the protagonist and antagonist, therefore being able to recognize the good and the flaws in all the stances the characters take. Chloe Zhao NAILED the visuals and the technicals for this film. It's genuinely the best-looking MCU film I've ever seen. That goes without saying the score composed by Ramin Djawadi (He's back woohoo!!) was wonderful. The theme stuck with me after the film as I hummed it all the way home. I'll be giving the music a full listen soon. Overall I liked the film and thought it was great. This is one of Marvel's most ambitious movies and it hits more than it misses. The magical/mythological/historical space weirdness is a very cool direction for the MCU. I want more :)

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