Lady Bird

Lady Bird ★★★★

"Six inches for the Holy Spirit" - a nun

That quote could have two completely different meanings. But in this case, its a nun telling Lady Bird and Danny to dance six inches from each other. There were so many catholic references in this movie that I related to because I too grew up going to catholic school. While coming of age stories can often fall into their charming but conventional trappings, Lady Bird shines in that it doesn't shy away from showing the faults of the characters it follows throughout the film. Almost to the point that you want to see even more of their journeys in life.

Lady Bird has beautiful cinematography and believable characters with identifiable flaws and traits that really ground the movie. The film takes the natural dialogue and personal character relationships over plot and ties it nicely with a coming of age structure that brings its own path you can relate to as a viewer. Saoirse Ronan is particularly charming as our main character and bounces well with Laurie Metcalf and Tracy Letts filling in as her parents. The film addresses a few subjects that arent usually touched upon in most coming of age movies, which gives the film a mature feeling. Jon Brion's score was mediocre. It felt right for the film; however, it wasn't memorable. I found the pacing, structure, and tone to be enjoyable, funny, and grounded. Overall, I really loved this movie after this rewatch. Overall, it's an authentic and charming coming of age film that shakes genre conventions.

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