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This review may contain spoilers.

"Once you overcome the one-inch-tall barrier of subtitles, you'll be introduced to so many more amazing films." - Bong Joon-ho

This movie is fantastic and perhaps one of the best films of the past decade. Boon Joon-Ho successfully creates a full twist of genre halfway through the movie. Parasite is a great comedy for the first half of the film, and an even better crime/thriller for the second half of the movie. This movie is also an intelligent commentary on class and money. The different aspects of showing what each family stands for and what they prioritize is fascinating. Joon-Ho keeps the momentum going so well during this film, which makes the pacing perfect. The plot and story are so engaging you'll never want to take your eyes off the screen. All the performances were spot on, and the cinematography was stunning.

I had two favorite scenes from this film. The Belt of Faith (peach fuzz montage) montage was executed so flawlessly. The scene included the final plan of the family taking over the Park family by eliminating the current staff. The music playing during the montage is the cherry on top as it fits in so well. Da-Song's impromptu birthday party is my other favorite scene from the film. The killing frenzy caught me entirely off guard. That scene was both chilling and insane. However, while I felt the need to feel bad for the Park family, I didn't. Movies like Parasite will make you feel all sorts of emotions and will leave you thinking about it for a long time.

Something I picked up on while rewatching was the symbolism of the stone that was given to Kevin by Min. He holds onto the stone because he claims that it clings to him. And in the end, the stone is what nearly kills him. Many details can be observed when rewatching the film. Boon Joon-Ho deserved all the awards that were presented to him for this film. Parasite is an excellent film that everyone should watch at least once in their life. Parasite's conclusion is what started as a comedy of manners and transforms into a furious growl of rage as one of the most arresting social satires yet.

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