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This review may contain spoilers.

Scent of a Woman is a beautiful emotional and intellectual film. Al Pacino steals the show in this 1992 drama. Pacino's passion drives this movie. This movie is about Pacino. His acting is grand, superb, majestic, heart-wrenching, deep, emotional, and so forth. His portrayal of a blind man dangling in the rope of his life is not only credible but immensely touching. We see directly, through his crystalline performance, all the pain that griefs on his character. Chris O' Donnell also gives a great performance, shy and unsure, he starts to understand Colonel Frank Slade in a short trip that will change their future lives.

Martin Brest directs a movie that hits no cheap feelings and floods on great emotions that immediately contact the viewer. Thomas Newman's score is impressive. The music enhances all the passion the movie has. This film is one of the best studies of man's desperation, helped by beautiful performances and a stirring, touching script, with no wasted lines. Pacino's monologue, in the end, will give you chills and have you applauding along with everyone in the room. This movie is a whirlwind of emotions, in a good way. And the ending of this movie is so beautiful and wholesome.

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