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This review may contain spoilers.

Skyfall is an enjoyable and entertaining Bond movie. This film was the first James Bond movie I saw in theaters. While Bond and his films have style, I kept thinking to myself; the Mission Impossible movies have a better plot and spy-story. Nevertheless, Sam Mendes provides us with a fresh Bond movie that exceeded the expectations of most people. Mende's take on 007 is a well don film, both technically and entertainment-wise, it has the iconic characters, the action, and the Bond Allue, which is constant throughout the movie. There is a significant nostalgic factor that comes with every Bond movie that I do not feel (targeted for the older audience). Skyfall brings a great villain to the film that is an archenemy in par to Bond himself. Javier Bardem's performance as the Bond Villian was excellent. However, he does not have as much screentime as I would have hoped. Daniel Craig is fantastic as James Bond. He captures the style of the iconic spy very well.

Thomas Newman's score is very well done. However, it's mostly unoriginal, given the theme was composed 50 years prior. It's still an absolute banger to hear the iconic melodies soaring through the film. I would say the writing was okay for this film. It creates some plot holes which I'm choosing to ignore for the sake of this review. I enjoyed some of the comedic elements added to the film. Overall, Skyfall is a very well directed action-spy movie, that happened to include James Bond as the main character. I just didn't feel there was much mystery or spy-like elements to the film. Most of it seemed predictable—still a very enjoyable film.

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