Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★½

Spider-Man: Far From Home is the best buildup for Spider-Man: Home-Run, Home Party, Home Alone, Homeless, Home for the Holidays, No Way Home, A New Home, Home Invasion, Work From Home, Let Me Guess, Your Home? or whatever they decide to call the third movie. 

I love the idea about stepping up to be the bigger hero than just a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man; especially after Tony’s death. Everything in this movie is enjoyable and great but what I really want to get into is Mysterio. As I was re-watching Far From Home, I realized that  Mysterio and Syndrome (from The Incredibles) have a lot of similarities. 

1. Origin Story - Both of these villains were rejected by a hero when they were trying to help them and took it personally. 
- Quentin Beck was one of Stark's top scientists and developed revolutionary holographic tech which Tony promptly named B.A.R.F. That didn't sit very well with him and he was fired from Stark Industries when he confronted Tony about it. In fact, his whole crew previously worked for Stark and hated him. After Tony died, Beck knew it was his chance to use his tech and step up to become the hero the world needed. He didn't think the world should be listening to superheroes, they should be listening to him. He wanted to be the best superhero in the world. Or at least one that could handle an Avengers level threat. 

- Buddy looked up to Mr. Incredible, was his self-proclaimed number 1 fan, and wanted to be his sidekick "IncrediBoy" but was (some would say rudely) turned away. Buddy was an inventor as well and created gadgets to help him become "super" because he didn't have any powers. This rejection, along with the notion that people can be "super" without powers led him to become Syndrome and start killing off other Supers in order to become the greatest Superhero in the world.

This similarity isn't super uncommon. For example Aldrich Killian was also rejected by Stark and went on to become a villain who hated Stark. But I felt it was still worth inclusion.

2. "Powers" - Both villains don't have any powers, but instead use their engineering skills to develop technology that helps them fight. Mysterio also has his crew of former Stark Industries engineers/scientists to help him with the weaponry. 

3. The "danger" they face - Both villains create the danger they're fighting and can control it as they're fighting with it.

- Mysterio use the high-tech holograph system as well as weaponized drones to make it look like there are huge elemental beings that cause real damage. He is never truly in danger from these "enemies" because the fights are choreographed down to the finest details by him and his crew. Plus he can control each drone mid-fight, especially once he got E.D.I.T.H. from Peter.

- Syndrome's enemies are these giant, technologically advanced, seemingly at least semi-sentient robots called Omnidroids. They are programmed to cause destruction and kill supers, but Syndrome has a remote that he uses to control the robots and to make them easier to defeat.

As you can see - there’s many similarities between these two villains which is why the villain felt sort of familiar while watching Far From Home. Hope everyone enjoyed this interesting analysis/comparison. Have a great Sunday!

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