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If 'Black Swan' had witches, this would be the outcome. But its obviously much more than that. 'Suspiria' is one of the creepiest, most disturbing films I have ever seen. I tried to enjoy it, but most of it was very hard to watch for me. The acting, the visuals, the music, and the overall story were very compelling. Although it has a very diverse plot, it is not too complex to understand, and it did leave me surprised. But the overall movie was not for me at all. I had to watch the 'human pretzel scene' through my hands because I could not handle it. Maybe I wasn't in the right headspace to watch, but it was tough to get through on my end.

It seemed like the director used this film as a platform to talk about the metaphors that reflected concentration camps by the supernaturals AKA powerful races. It looks like the theme of the movie is supposed to represent is how those in power can be corrupt and do damage to the innocent in their power. The political conflict happening in Berlin through the movie is meant to parallel the hidden conflicts within the academy's staff, with the power struggle between those who support Markos and those who support Blanc.

I personally think Suzie was always Mother Suspiriorum all along, as shown by her childhood interest in Berlin, in the flashbacks. However, I don't think she was aware of it until she came to the academy, and quite likely, the training and dancing the lead in "Volk" is what wakes her up. Overall, the film exceeded their limits of visual metaphors to tell a story for a movie that's over 140 min. There's not much to tell and feel for the characters here. But the hidden metaphors and messages were very interesting to decipher and digest after the movie ended.

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