The Green Knight

The Green Knight ★★★★

catch me watching this one year hence with subtitles and the ability to pause to read the title cards correctly :D

I went into this film completely blind and left the theater completely speechless and dumbfounded. When the credits started rolling, I looked at my friend and told him "I think I only understood 30% of what just happened", and he responded with "don't try to understand it, feel it". I love it when Nolan's quotes apply to life and A24 films. Anyways, I was not aware that this film was loosely based on Arthurian literature. So after doing some light reading and research, some things started to make sense and I said to myself "Oh yeah, it's all coming together". However, I let the film sit with me for a few days because I was not ready to talk or write about it, and Now I'm Ready, I'm Ready Now.

The Green Knight is the most visually stunning film of the year thus far. Shot by shot, frame by frame, the film provides for a captivating experience with a rich atmosphere and excellent visual storytelling. In addition, the score captured every feeling as it enhanced the film's existential and psychedelic themes. I remember getting chills a few times throughout the film from the eerie, haunting, unsettling yet beautiful melodies that echoed about.

My take on the film is my own interpretation of part of the film's many themes and I could be completely off. On the surface, the film is about becoming honorable, and at a deeper level, the green knight represents nature and how death catches up to everyone in the end. That we are all running away subconsciously from the fact that one day we will have to face our own mortality. It is only upon complete surrender to nature/death that we can live a pure life. I appreciate that this film was an entire interpretation and not a faithful retelling. I'm still in awe of this film, I would highly recommend watching but going in blind, was quite a surreal experience.

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