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This review may contain spoilers.

The Hunger Games is a solid movie. The story is exciting and twisted. The whole idea of having a "hunger games" is so messed up, but that is beyond me. I never read the book, so I do not have anything to compare it with. As a stand-alone movie, it's okay. James Newton Howard's score is one of the best things about the movie. I know I say that a lot about many different films, but to me, the score has a significant impact on the film. It is swift and powerful. The scene of Rue's death was emotional, and the music completed that scene. But I have some issues with the film. The number one thing that bothered me was the sloppy editing and the shaky cam. Unnecessary as the viewer needed to see what was happening clearly. The scene where Katniss volunteers as tribute looks off because it's cut in the middle as she's struggling to speak, into another version of the same scene. I thought that was very lazy and sloppy. When the tributes enter the hunger games, there's a point in the games where it just drags. I feel like if the "waiting around" were shorter, it would have been more efficient. However, I understand the filmmakers did this to create more tension. The final scene was intense to watch; I'm glad they included a fun "final fight." But after the fight, I was hoping they would both eat the berries and die. That ending would have been so great and unexpected. Overall this is a good film, and it's entertaining and intense—solid movie from 2012.

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