The Last Duel

The Last Duel ★★★½

Ben Affleck really said "make me look like a Targaryen"

Ridley Scott manages to stage an intense tragedy that results in a monstrous, raw, true, disturbing, and captivating film. This is a film that challenges our biases. It makes an uncomfortable invitation for us to put ourselves in the shoes of a woman who lived during the middle ages. It is a relevant story to be told during "modern" times in which women suffer the same problems they've been suffering for thousands of years. Telling the truth is hard; it requires courage, some will refuse to listen, and, in the case of Marguerite, it could cost your life.

The Last Duel, provides excellent performances that elevate the meandering script which also drags a little and doesn't fully justify its structure. But scenes that work are really impressive, especially the last duel. Jodie Comer is a real standout and the show stealer with a nuanced yet powerful performance. Matt Damon was impressive however his American accent threw the whole groove off the style of the film and caught me off guard a couple of times. Harry Gregson Williams returns as Riddley's go-to composer and creates a captivating and fitting score for the film. Other than some of the performances, questionable dialogue, I definitely enjoyed this epic drama.

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