Lake Mungo

Lake Mungo ★★★★½



"Do you believe in ghosts?"

Don't know about it if they really exist or not but sometimes it's looked like they exist or atleast it's felt like that— "feelings of a presence" is something that we all have previously experienced in our lifetime, perhaps that came from fear or grief or loneliness or even from all of them. But fact is we can't deny that we've experienced that "presence" for atleast once, even though most of the time we've ignored them or sometimes we must've tried to explain them to ourselves by further rationalizing the situation but there're also those moments which really make us feel unsettled, uncomfortable and we then can't able to judge them by our explanations or sometimes may not able to even think of judging them further! I saw a ghost— it's easy to say, but certainly isn't easy to prove..and this perceptions will also vary with time and experiences. What children mistook as ghosts that perhaps nothing but something else which freaked them out at the moment, they just don't want to come closer to it because they're teribbly scared of it...Perhaps teens or adults would take it as an exciting project to unfurl the mystery of the particular situation, they would do a brief analysis, a little investigation perhaps, they would collect different opinions and possibilities of having a ghost in down there and when they'll be getting bored by it they just give up examining further! While people of more mature age span maybe look into it with a different perspective, they perhaps would go with circumstantial facts and rationalisations to somehow manage to make themselves and everyone convinced that there's not any ghost in there! Moreover I just want to say, as age of an individual increases further, their perspectives become more convinced, forced and confined to "what they think" not "what they see" or "what they feel"— perhaps it's not even always true for everyone as well— but certainly is true for most of the individuals. But what one has seen or experienced in their childhood or more precisely what someone has believed as a supernatural event, that always stay with them till their deaths.

I still can recall my experiences of thinking about a presence in my room. Now, I mostly can see the logics behind it, all the events which spooked me out at once— it's now even funny to reconsider all of them and think of how chick I was back in then! But the experiences of those sleepless lonely nights while considering someone else's presence in my room are still very alive in my mind. Logics could take you to a certain point where your knowledge about those logics would permit them to go. I was may be thirteen then, when I have witnessed something which till date I can't able to explain how that had happened. That time was very recent to after the death of my loving grandfather. My room is in second floor of my house. I remembered I was alone in the house that night with my grandma. After having dinner in grandma's room with her, I then was going up through the stairs for my room, and as I climbed the stairs, when I almost could see the door of my room from a distance— something strange has happened: that door was actually locked by outside latch but then at that time I saw the door was open and slowly the latch rattled back in it's primary position as someone was locking the door from outside but there was noone and within a few second the door got locked in a way as like as I've left it. I was pretty much remained clumsy and numb rather than scared. I decided to go downstairs and slept in grandma's room at that night. I still don't know if that was real or just an imagination of mine as I'm still living in that room and fortunately I never have experienced any explicit paranormal occurrences since then. I've ignored it, but it never leaves me alone— always stay alive in my memory! Still, I've recalled it yesterday night as soon as I completed watching LAKE MUNGO.

It doesn't work in that way always— watching a horror film doesn't always propel you to think back the horrors of your past! But LAKE MUNGO certainly did it to me. Mockumentery approach has done it's work completely. I couldn't even get a proper sleep at night. One event to another event; one horror to another; one memory to another; one thought to another, my mind was travelling through time, recalling events of my past(not always necessarily horrifying but certainly impactful)..deaths of the people whom I knew at once, watch back the memories what I've shared with them, horror of loneliness or awkward silence and fear of darkness all coalescenced simultaneously at a time. So how could I sleep? In centre LAKE MUNGO is a story about "grief", pain of losing someone very close itself is an effective horror which feeds on the memory that was tender at a moment before but now unsettling as the person who was with you in that memory, now isn't here to celebrate the moment. As in dream your memories become a sort of reality and you can see the dead person back in there in the field of realism but now everything isn't normal as they were in the past, here you see you not anymore able to adore the dead person in your dreams as the actual reality in consciousness wouldn't give you that scope, so there you only get afraid of him/ become more convinced with his/her presence which atfirst you perhaps would like but in times you see you would be getting more bothered about it. The experiences in which Palmer family have been going through— that's the vital subject of LAKE MUNGO. The mystery behind Alice's death, the secrets of Alice's life and the logic behind everything— all become insignificant at a point as what it has delivered allready that's far more effective than anything. I really didn't bother even if that twist regarding Alice's past hasn't shown up I think even though that's interesting to think about for a while but while reconsidering the twist again in the story, it certainly hasn't explored totally. I take LAKE MUNGO as a family's struggle while they have been living through their worst nightmares rather than considering it to something very equivalent to TWIN PEAKS: FIRE WALK WITH ME, a tale of disturbed young girl who has her own fucked up secrets and several reasons to die mysteriously! Palmer family is coping with the reality of their girl's death and they are still under process even after several months of the specific event. But how they would move on?! only God knows but they need something to embrace for, they need a shore of some kind atleast, they need a belief by which atleast they would rationalise everything in for of "moving on". And it's certain that they'll get some— as time always heals everything! But the moments of their experiencing horror in that house will certainly follow them till deaths even though while remaining as just a mere footnote in their memories.






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