Pickman's Model

Pickman's Model ★★★½

An iconic Lovecraftian take on imitations of dark art from mythical ancient roots (having some of the bleaker yet depressing similarities with the works of Goya or may be Caravaggio?) but made it crisp enough in extents of newer possibilities by addition of more characters and long turns of the quick rolled visual taunts of evil shadows that mostly allows sort of sordid ruminations over dream-heavy coordinations of horror centric literary spectacle from one of the legend in horror ground. Whatever the horror is real and stays quite on spot in here, it's ancient root calls back the tedious frustrations of fatigued life in the shadowy grips of unhinged evil from the earliest of the century's old catacombs.

The key animating force of Pickman’s Model is a return to the directorial ambition that Thomas very genuinely showcased in his debut feature, The Vigil. Practical effects are not that crazy, I can say, but great enough to put a grip on you at the most uneasy moments of the narrative here! Framing his actors in corridors in super eerie moments and sets a visual trap around to observe how they react as they float by from dreamy hangovers to contemplative realism..brilliant way to get into a confusing trade of character's arc. So why not just stick to the most fascinating part of Keith Thomas' direction (?), rather than nitpicking errors that has to be there, as we all know: Lovecraft is not a writer who lends himself easily to adaptations!

"Art can imitate life" we all know, but where did these motivations come from? from Reality or from fancy imaginations of an artist? Just like, what's beautiful there..that can only get glorified in an artist's brushstrokes..likewise what's dark there, that's too get forced in to the canvas of an artist only through his inflicting anguish of depressive otherworld.

And in case of Pickman, darkness is inherently bottled in at that one corner of the cellar where hellish tortures are so unrestrained that no human eyes can stand it anymore. In the darkness, you can spot any of the shapes...it steams up fears from your devious nightmares, it feeds on strong insecurities of yours, and grows even more stronger in time with serpentine fits. In this darkness Pickman can find only vicious reflections of many witches and demons (from outer world) who happens to be his ancestors somehow. But now, not only just he but also the whole world will see what's there in locker of Pickman's who has suffered since so long and it's time to reveal his artworks to public...

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