The Worst Person in the World

The Worst Person in the World ★★★★★

I'm awfully overwhelmed after watching this. And I don't know anything about what I'm thinking now. But what I do know is that I'm in under process, I'm thinking about everything...not just life but all those everything that somehow affected and affecting my life and I'm thinking also how everything would be different if everything would've been happened in my own's not a regret's just the single one thought that directly came out of my mind as soon as I've finished watching THE WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD...I think I need time, a lot lot lot and a lot more time to think about, not only I need time for thinking but also I need time to arrange those thoughts for finally coming to a singular conclusion...I don't know how much time it'll take, even I don't know if at someday soon I'll really be able to draw any conclusion afterall out off these thoughts, clouded at there in my mind?! I gave it a 5 stars but that doesn't mean that I expect it'll be loved by everyone else and even I don't know if someday soon I'll lower that rating down or's just a momentary impulse that makes me do it so and as there're lots of thoughts clouded in my mind, it's like a traffic jam...all these fantastic thoughts have been there which I think I need to share them in here but can't really able to make anything comprehensible out of them. So I think they're meaningless, maybe aren't even relevant after all..but I feel they're quite meaningful atleast for me, myself as I'm thinking now whatif everything in this mundane world has been stopped moving?!...clock has been stopped ticking, people have been stopped walking, everything has been stopped besides I and the person whom I've been thinking since the day we met...I don't have many such persons though — whom I can address as SPECIAL! But I would very much like to live that moment, atleast for once. I want to feel how turbulent it would really like when someone's in love that even makes every thing besides them, lapsed in a moment's flash, I want to live all those moments of playfull intersections of everything — life, smoke, stories, arbitrary choices, careless laughters, panickless thinkings, heartful awkwardness and an effective respite from the world we know to look out for not just what's not in there or what's in there but also to find out what's not there in between what's in there...I really want to live in those few moments of love — if not love, then oh, GOD... atleast give me an illusion which's looked like LOVE! I think I'll be happy then.

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