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  • The Piano

    The Piano


    Silence and chaos are exchanging keys between them to find a place for melody.

    From far away the sea is roaring a weird lullaby as the clouds of despair to leave its place and the flaming rain comes with a reminiscence of agony.

  • From the East

    From the East


    All the sounds you hear here are the kisses of boredom on silence's elastic lips.

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  • Julieta



    Pedro Almodóvar's cinematic idiom : A painful mystery caused by the stabbing of the short sharp time and only can be solved by the long blunt time.

  • The Apartment

    The Apartment


    There are three stories here actually.

    1. One can't go into the apartment because he runs a three member club. Joe Dobisch,Al Kirkeby, Mr. Vanderhoff and Mr. Eichelberger, borrow-wise.

    2. One got promoted, key-wise and one lost his job, again key-wise.

    3. One girl did exactly three things. Always fall with the wrong man in the wrong at the wrong time, luck-wise. Took some little too much pills, sleep-wise. Couldn't love the right person in the right place at the…