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  • The Killing

    The Killing


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    Wow! Nicely shot! Especially for being from 1956! Cinematography is quite nice. The horse racing shots are epic! Add some color and it’d be a modern day type throwback. A slight issue with hiding someone’s face and emotions.

    Great voice over that adds to the story!

    Good/great acting.

    Great direction!

    Did that guy just look at the camera when he shouldn’t?!?! I think he just did for a split second! That was weird. When you watch it, pay…

  • Twin Peaks

    Twin Peaks


    Episode 1: Well, I got through half the episode than got tired, so I had to stop. Some of the beginning was laughably “Lynch Bad” but than it got better. Quite slow in parts (most parts), probably to make it more “cinematic”. It worked in a good way usually though and adds to the emotion and mystery. 

    Overall, I love it so far and the characters are pretty great! I recognize a lot of the actors from other…

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  • The Neon Demon

    The Neon Demon



    If I were to sum it up in two words, they would be Pure Perfection. This is brilliantly shot which is highlighted by the set design, makeup, and visuals. 

    Refn strolls to and from many moral principles and taboos (many of which are thrust at you up front in a very artistic manner), painting a picture of situations many of us have or will face in life. It's hard to recommend this to people because it's not…

  • Good Will Hunting

    Good Will Hunting



    You can tell that they spent a lot of time and effort on the screenplay. It really is able to portray real life in a believable way and focus on its philosophy and psychology. Has a great message presented in a deep way. I really wish there were more films like this as far as the quality of screenplay goes. 

    The actor’s presentation of the characters and dialogue is perfect.

    Score and music really works.

    Good dramatic cinematography…