Carol ★★★★½

What a stunnig, stunning film. I was so comfortable with the performances and pace of the film, hitting so many right spots, that I found myself thinking, "am I missing something?", but I couldn't think of what it would have had to have been. Taking inspiration from Vivian Maier's photography, the film is beautifully shot, showing a 1950s New York both gritty and glamourous.

Of course, the film is highly reminiscent of Douglas Sirk, but while I absolutely love the liberation Jane Wyman finds in Rock Hudson in 'All That Heaven Allows', in this film, Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara have already found a liberation within themselves before the moment they meet, and this is what leads them to fall for each other. Perhaps the film is even more powerful because of this, as it feels like what a continuation of the relationships in 'Angst essen Seele auf', etc.

Mara and Blanchett's performances are beautiful, a love story for the ages.

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