• The Killer

    The Killer


    Sometimes, a movie just hit you in the right way, at the right time. The Killer takes Fincher's signature style, marries it to a powerhouse performance, and sprinkles in some horror elements to create a captivating film about the drive of the perfectionist. It's also Fincher's funniest movie, somehow? Definitely was not expecting jokes in this movie.

  • The Exorcist: Believer

    The Exorcist: Believer


    I didn't think David Gordon Green would direct something worse than Your Highness/The Sitter, but here we are.

    After spending 15 films crossing genres between humanist indie dramas, stoner comedies, and Oscar bait, Green has spent the last half a decade making horror legacy sequels. While it didn't totally work, his Halloween trilogy was interesting and had a lot of weird ideas that just weren't executed terribly well. One thing in particular that it didn't seem like he was very…

  • PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie

    PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie


    Turns out, 90 minutes is too long for an episode of Paw Patrol.

  • BlackBerry



    I could watch a hundred of these.

  • Terrifier



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Art the Clown pulling out a blicky is the height of cinema.

  • Ju-on: The Curse

    Ju-on: The Curse


    Very low budget and slow, but it has some affective scenes. I like how the two shorts tied into the main film.

  • [REC]



    Potentially the best found footage movie ever, and one of the best zombie movies as well.

  • Last Shift

    Last Shift


    Night Shift answers the question: what if Assault on Precinct 13 was a horror movie?

    The answer? It's pretty good!

  • Asteroid City

    Asteroid City


    Absolutely incredible. Keeping up the tradition of banger movies that make middle aged ladies audibly complain.

  • The Flash

    The Flash


    Knocked off half a star for recasting Billy Crudup.

  • The Collector

    The Collector


    "Guy robs a house that has a serial killer in it" is a good idea in concept, but this movie is so low-rent that it never rises above mediocre.

  • Beau Is Afraid

    Beau Is Afraid


    Weird movie. Didn't love it! Need a rewatch though. Confounding.