A Nightmare on Elm Street ★★★★★

Every time I watch this I'm struck by something different and here is the thing that really got to me this time around: this film is FUCKING scary.

I know, obvious right? Duh, it's scary.

But seriously, the way Freddy is portrayed is very effective. Yeah, he does the phone tongue gag and ends up driving the kids away in a Freddy striped car.

But the moments where he cuts his own fingers off while staring in Tina's eyes, yells at Nancy while wearing Tina's fucking face, drags Tina's bloodied body the walls, strangles Rod...it's all pretty brutal and there's touch of reality to it. Freddy's voice is deep and almost animal like at times, similar to how it is Part 2.

The movie focuses on the brutal horror and that's why all the films post Dream Warriors don't really land because they all become so cartoony. Yes, it is fun to play with what the dream world can allow, but a Freddy movie is at its most effective when treating the deaths of these kids, while done in a surreal fashion, with real world brutality.

OVERALL: If you haven't seen this yet, what da fuck are ya doin? It's a masterpiece and it still holds up.

NOTE: I want that poster of the cats riding the San Francisco trolley. True fans know what I am talking about! ;)

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