Gone Girl

Gone Girl ★★★★★

A David Fincher flick: what a fucking trip. I embrace all of his movies like a little kid embraces a teddy bear. They are filled with such grand poise and technique it is on a whole other level. Here is a man that puts his foot down and knows how to make a goddam picture.

He captures the style of Flynn's thrillingly awesome book perfectly and yet has enough to make it his own. Affleck is pitch perfect as Nick, the high school jock who has come back to town. It is so awesome to see Neil Patrick Harris in a role outside of HIMYM (though there is a noticeable call back to the Legen-wait for it-Dary character if you notice it) and Fincher knows exactly why he is right for this role. How amazing is Fincher? He cast Tyler Perry in a movie and made him a good actor. Wow. Where is the Nobel Prize at? And to talk about Rosamund Pike...words can't come to mind to accurately convey what she does onscreen. It is mesmerizing, one of the most memorable female performances I've seen in a long time. Like the movie as a whole, she won't leave your mind for a long time. after walking out of the theater.

Of course Ross and Reznor are back for the score and they knock it out of the park. The soothingly creepy music will get under your skin and the notes will weave themselves through your synapses and drive you crazy. Immediately when I got home I listened to the whole score on YouTube. Huge shoutout to DOP Jeff Cronenweth for capturing beautiful imagery with the camera, I especially love the frames of Affleck in front of the shed. Man, the imagery is poetic.

And the story of course is unforgettable. It's a landmark movie for this particular time in life where divorce rates are 50%. This idea of marriage is challenged with this movie and you might find yourself reflecting on the whole ritual afterwards. Also the satire of media is spot on. You might find yourself thinking that the media coverage is portrayed ridiculously over the top and then next time you watch Fox News you'll close your eyes, shake your head, and think "Nope, they were right on the money." The movie is thrilling, touching, scary, funny, and truthful. You might walk out of this Girl as the credits roll but she'll never be gone.


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