Guardians of the Galaxy ★★★★★

Favorite movie of the summer by far. Such a bold blockbuster to make and it completely exceeded expectations. Pratt just makes the perfect love child of Han Solo and Indiana Jones (that would be an interesting mating session to watch wouldn't it?). Gunn perfectly makes it so that all of the Guardians have an innocence to them, we instantly are rooting for them all. It has the perfect swashbuckling blockbuster tone that allows for the perfect balance of thrills and laughter. That soundtrack

Random thoughts:

I forgot about that Jackson Pollock joke. That's pretty risque for a Marvel movie amiright? Glad it made the cut.

As a huge Rob Zombie fan I am tearing my hair out trying to find his voice cameo. Anyone know specifically?

I've heard some complaints abut Ronan being underdeveloped but I thought he was written just fine.

Most of my thinking time consists of imagining what the sequel will be like and how Guardians will factor into Infinity War.

We Are Groot.

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