Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone ★★★★★

The One That Started It All!

Here is a film franchise where the establishment for the series is just so damn perfect. From the pitch perfect casting, to the John WIlliams theme, to the set design, to the costume design, IT'S JUST FUCKING PERFECT.

A lot of people I talk to say that this film is too lighthearted and weak and I have to disagree WHOLEHEARTEDLY. They say the acting of the main trio is bad, but I thought they were freaking amazing! They say its too lighthearted: 1) they are eleven, too dark and it would be fucking depressing if it was too dark, 2) that scene in the Dark Forest gives me freaking chills I mean we got a guy wearing a Hood drinking freaking Unicorn Blood.

YouTube Movie Reviewer Chris Stuckmann says that this film meanders too much in the middle. For me, a universe as lush and rich as Harry Potter, I want to meander all day! There's a lot of fun to be had in this universe and I want to get the most out of my money, let's see what the heck is in this mythology! My favorite scenes in this movie are in the middle meandering part. But more importantly, this film needs to lay the groundwork for future films to come so I say it is *necessary* for this film to meander.

Overall, don't think this is a bad too lighthearted movie. Yes the other ones are more dark and complex and that's fun, but don't forget the one that started it all! There is a lot of fun to be had here and it is JUST AS MAGICAL as the ones that follow!

NOTE: I love this movie (and the whole series) with my heart and soul. On this rewatch it was funny to notice some things...

1. At the very beginning after Dumbledore takes away all the streetlights, there's a shot of him walking to the Dursley house from his side that looks REALLY cheap haha. Like there is weird lighting on him, it looks like a set, I don't know like of all the epic shots to use to introduce us to this epic character why did they use that one?!

2. When Hermione is walking down the Great Hall a student asks her about the ceiling and she replies its magically made to look like the sky and she read about it in "Hogwarts: A History" but when she says the book title there is an awkward pause like she started to say the line but they swallowed air or something haha.

3. When the students go up the stairs before the Sorting Ceremony, there is *EERIE* music that plays as we see a mysterious hand on a railing...it turns out to be Professor McGonagall. Why the creepy music?! She is a hero of the franchise!

4. Also with Minerva...when she transfigures from cat to human in Transfiguration class there is a really cheap sound effect that maks me laugh lol.

5. The Quidditch scene has some bad CGI (hey, it was the time) and there's one particularly bad shot of a Slytherin keeper snapping her fingers angrily at letting a Quaffle go through the hoop. Its laughably bad CGi.

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