The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys ★★★★

This is a movie that relies on chemistry and that it most certainly has. The juxtaposition of Gosling (Holland) and Crowe (Jackson) makes for great cinema, indeed. Actress Angourie Rice , Gosling's daughter in the film named Holly, is another standout performance and SHE steals the scenes she is in which is saying something when you have goddammed Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe in your picture. I look forward to seeing her future roles for sure. Yes, even when the third act gets a bit too wacky and convoluted, it's the cast's goodwill that carries the film and makes it still very enjoyable.

The film cleverly subverts expectations of the action genre. When Holly throws the coffee on the Bad Girl and it does nothing because its cold. Holland throwing the gun to Jackson in the heat of a gun battle only to throw it out a window. The badass elevator ride up, only immediately to be followed by a quick ride down because the duo knows they will get fucked up. These situations and more are the result of Shane Black studying film, knowing the tropes of the genre, and giving you something you're not expecting right at the moment you're expecting what you're expecting. That makes sense, right? Anyway, that's what makes Black a great filmmaker. He knows his audience, he knows his genre, he knows what it takes to make a movie feel *new* and *unique*.

And he also knows how to have a great time. With groovy 70s songs from Earth, Wind, & Fire, to Kool & The Gang, to The Band, Black knows half the fun of a movie like this is to take advantage of the time period it is in. These really make the party scenes fucking awesome. If I could jump into my TV and attend a party in a movie, I might just pick one of the parties in this movie. I mean, you got mermaids swimming behind the bar, it's hard to top that, right?

Overall: If you like action comedies, buddy comedies, the 70s, etc., there is no reason whatsoever that you won't like this. Unless you are just a sourpuss or something.

NOTE: When Gosling sees the dead body leaning against the tree (beautifully filmed and revealed) and starts doing the Lou Costello Trying To Yell But Can Only Make Gasping Sounds thing...that's awesome. Made me smile really big.

NOTE II: That dead body is an uncredited Robert Downey Jr.?! IMDB, you playin?! That's awesome.

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