The Village

The Village ★★★★★

I love The Village. I love love love The Village. From the beautiful cinematography from Roger Deakins, to the absolutely mesmerizing score, to the poetic dialogue, and more, it is all just magnificent. When I think of movie universes in which I would like to live in I often think of The Village. It's just such a simple lifestyle and the characters are people I would love to talk to in real life.

A lot of people like to make jabs at this film. It is what it is and that's fine. But I feel like something that is undeniable is the strength of the performances. My goodness Phoenix can act, as can Bryce Dallas Howard who just makes a stellar performance that puts your eyes glued to her acting. Their chemistry together is so awesome it gives me chills. That scene of them on the porch during nighttime. That dialogue man. Talk about relationship goals. And William Hurt, Sigourney Weaver, Brendan Gleeson, Adrien Brody, and others make this film unforgettable as well.

The juxtaposition of these grotesque monsters with the woods is romantically haunting. It is a beautiful image. It's all like a fairy tale, yet there are characters that experience emotions so real they transcend the simplicities of fairy tales.

The moment where Phoenix takes Howard's hand and runs into the house and the music cues gives me chills. Everytime.

There is a moment where a certain action occurs and you'd expect a sound effect but you don't. It's a but disorienting the first time you see the movie. It happened because the MPAA was gonna rate the film R if the sound effect was included as it originally was. Night removed it and I think it works 100000 times better without the sound effect.

If you couldn't tell I love this movie. Night please make an audio commentary for this one day. Also, someone come and live with me at The Village.

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