Do Revenge

Do Revenge ★★★½

"Olivia Colman Is My Emotional Support Bearded Dragon."

2022 ranked
Do revenge is a pastel laced, teenage girl boss satire that is loosely based on an Alfred Hitchcock film, and yes, it’s as batshit insane as it sounds. 

This isn’t an overtly good film, it features some staggeringly unsubtle dialogue and a few instances of incredibly poor acting. But in a strange way, I actually think that enhances the vibe of the film. It very much feels like an homage to early 2000s teen films like Mean Girls but when combined with the films unique pastel colour scheme and symmetrical cinematography gives this film an otherworldly, acid trip esc atmosphere that I kinda love.

Do Revenge is a uniquely bizarre film that features some surprisingly gorgeous cinematography and doesn’t shy away from indulging in classic teen movie tropes and morphing them to fit in this film’s quirky vibe. B
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