Carol β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…


I have been in two relationships and I have been in love twice but I think none of them match the love I have for Carol: a road trip of emotions in each carefully-crafted scene where this deep-seated longing for β€˜something’ devours you, where love almost feels like befittingly effortless, it is nearly without room for second thoughts, yet it is also melancholic, intense, bittersweet, and beautiful and Christmas is a day I want to go on infinitely. it is in the littlest of gestures, the mirrors all over the place, the ride through the tunnel, rain-drenched windows, dancing smoke, train sounds, deliberate process of self-discovery, and finally, the walk towards home. an emotional release in each viewing.Β 

Kurt Vonnegut once said you are only allowed to be in love thrice. guess this is my third time or maybe it should feel like this the third time and I will just know it.

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