Dogtooth ★★★½

"mom, what is a 'cunt'?"
"a cunt is a large lamp. example, the cunt switched off and the room got all dark."

do you ever watch something, mutter 'what the fuck' to yourself so softly multiple times, grit your teeth, not only because you're disturbed, shocked and in disbelief but also because it's a sigh of relief and an emotional release? this is Dogtooth to me; it's crude, silently violent, caging, brilliantly and atrociously manipulative and leaves a bitter pill in your mouth throughout. but amidst all these extremes, it all comes down to a dysfunctional father-children / parent-children relationship with all of its fuck up ways which is far too familiar to ignore.

how to break your own dogtooth so you could free yourself from a father's menacing shadow?

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