I, Tonya

I, Tonya ★★★½

I know next to nothing about Tonya Harding and this was probably one of the reasons why I enjoyed this more than I expected. having an unreliable narrator brilliantly works in I, Tonya and you are left to take other “truths” outside of the film. with the tone opposite its themes of domestic abuse, violence, et cetera, the runtime passes easily although it could come across as insensitive and too light at times. it challenges certain pre-conditioned judgements people already have about the protagonist and are left to feel pity (and left disgusted for pitying) for someone who did an atrocious thing. did this redeem Tonya Harding herself? I can’t say but stripping down everything she is human and had very troubled childhood and relationships — in no way does this justify what she may or may not have done but to see complexity rather than villainous caricature and seeing all the fuck-ups she experienced which contributed to who she has become, she becomes interesting and ‘real’ (a little psychoanalysis you may say). parents do fuck us up big time, nothing new.

Margot Robbie’s performance was very good and I loved the scene where she was doing her own make-up in front of a mirror with her facial expression on the verge of a breakdown just to try to put on a brave face again.

(also I have a big crush on Allison Janney before now I don’t know.)

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