Professor Marston and the Wonder Women ★★★½

"I want you to love me for all of my days."

my monogamist ass and vanilla kinks aside, Professor Marston and the Wonder Women is an evidence that unconventional romance, unfathomable love, polyamory, amidst society's prejudice and bigotry, will always insist and compel to break down the barriers and constraints we have narrowly placed around human affairs and relationships. personally an unfamiliar (although not unheard of) territory for me it treats itself with respect, honesty, openness, and trust like how all relationships should be. add to this the film's healthy feminist themes through countless of metaphors from arguably the most popular female superhero of all time, Wonder Woman. I guess my only gripe is DISC theory's inclusion but the film's too simplistic approach as it tends to struggle on focusing between the 3 people's lives versus Prof. Marston's theory. nevertheless, this is a wonder of its own. and that dialogue about shame? powerful.

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