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  • The Big Short

    The Big Short


    Me watching Brad Pitt's character come down the airport escalator with an N95 mask on: Why is this being framed as weird behavior, this isn't weird at all.

    I was really impressed by Steve Carell's performance and the finance explainers were a nice touch.

    Scavenger Hunt 64: A film about white collar crime

  • Wadjda



    This is one that I would not only watch again, but will keep seeking out reviews for because the differing interpretations of how groundbreaking or not or Westernized or not this film is are very interesting to me. I also know a lot can change in a country in 7 years (as I have daily proof), so I wonder what would or wouldn't have been different about Wadjda's story if it were happening now.

    All I know is I love…

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  • Candyman



    I used to think I hated jumpscares too much to enjoy most horror movies, but I've come to realize that I like the genre and just need to be patient enough to find the concepts that work for me.

    This is one of the conceptually strongest horror movies I've ever seen and I think it deserves a more well-known place in the genre's pantheon outside of the genre's enthusiasts. Freddy who? Jason who? I don't know them and I no…

  • Holes



    This is now a Kissin' Kate Barlow stan account.

    Scavenger Hunt 63: A movie starring a Hollywood Republican