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  • Lupin III: The First

    Lupin III: The First


    This was my first real taste of Lupin and for an intro it was pretty good. Marza did a great job with the animation, the music was good, and the characters all played off very well off each other. It was a fun time.

  • Soul



    on a purely visual level this is the best looking pixar film of all time. The style of this movie is better than everything that has come before. It looks like a pixar movie, but no other pixar movie looks like soul. The animation alone is worth it.
    And the actual movie itself is a good stuff, it's a very tight movie, there is no wasted time. And the score is very unique, it reminds of the Grow Home/Grow Up games from Ubisoft. Definitely give it a watch. It's better than their other recent output aside from Coco.

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