Death in Venice

Death in Venice ★★★

‘haha it’s not pedophilia it’s beauty appreciation haha I swear’

I liked when the pedophile fucking died ❤️

Although it is absolutely gross to objectify a child as a symbol of beauty (it’s gross to objectify a child no matter what and this movie treats this kid as an object all throughout) I can’t help but be thankful for this movie’s contribution to validate male beauty that’s less stereotypically masculine and more feminine and androgynous, or just genderless. What sucks is that it’s now well reported that not only was Bjorn treated as a pretty thing to flaunt around but also as a sexual object, so death to every adult involved 💋

EDIT: this movie kinda triggered me in a way i didnt even realize at the time. i still think it looks gorgeous bcs it feels like long moving photographs stitched together in a way i'd never seen before but i just wish i hadnt watched this and knowing the behind the scenes context just makes me feel sick i wouldn't recommend this to anyone sensitive to these issues.

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