• Fear Street: 1994

    Fear Street: 1994


    damn phoebe relax

  • Malignant



    we kinda predicted the entire movie before it was even halfway through but it was still ridiculously fun

  • Dune World

    Dune World

    zendaya looks different

  • Old



    rly interesting how polarizing this movie is. the writing feels very r/writingprompts top post and I mean yeah it’s kinda corny sometimes but I don’t think it’s pretentious tbh it’s not ambitious enough to be pretentious kkkk it just felt like a solid movie with some cool ideas and competent enough execution (some midsommar influence as well, I felt?) plus it’s got Alex Wolff, Eliza Scanlen, Vicky Krieps AND my favorite rapper midsized sedan

  • The Best of Youth

    The Best of Youth


    whoever did that poster watched the first 20 minutes and then realized he had 6 hours left and just gave up wtf is that kkkk

  • Napoleon




    napoleon ugly as hell (historical)

    mind bogglingly ahead of its time probably the most innovative movie ive ever seen? mfs were already doing everything cinema still a baby

  • Son of the White Mare

    Son of the White Mare



    arthouse dragonball

  • Dou kyu sei – Classmates

    Dou kyu sei – Classmates


    their friendship 😍

  • Death in Venice

    Death in Venice


    ‘haha it’s not pedophilia it’s beauty appreciation haha I swear’

    I liked when the pedophile fucking died ❤️

    Although it is absolutely gross to objectify a child as a symbol of beauty (it’s gross to objectify a child no matter what and this movie treats this kid as an object all throughout) I can’t help but be thankful for this movie’s contribution to validate male beauty that’s less stereotypically masculine and more feminine and androgynous, or just genderless. What sucks…

  • Fanny and Alexander

    Fanny and Alexander


    love anne hathaway in this

  • The Given Word

    The Given Word



    Zé do Burro um bcd *inaudivel* 🥵😳

    10/10 premissa descontei alguns pontos pq devia ter sido mais sobre o burro! 😡

  • The Wind Rises

    The Wind Rises


    imo the miyasaki movie with the most feeling. beautiful soul inside. 美しい夢 <3

    (I’ll never shut up about how Hideaki Anno voices the main character here kkkk)