Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok ★★★★½

The first Thor was really great, mainly because it made me realise that Marvel were making these intelligent directorial choices which would give each film an identity beyond the connected whole of the Cinematic Marvel Universe. Across 17 films however your going to fall into a bit of a groove and by Avengers 2 things had started to feel rather formulaic. Then Guardians Of The Galaxy rocked up and kicked some new life into the franchise and even Spider-Man swooped in for a piece of the action. Thor would need a to carve out his own identity in this crowded arena and bringing in New Zealand director Taika Waititi is once again a master stroke. Sure we have our superhero playing the fish out of water once again, but this time events will leave the character radically changed - and you’ll be laughing your anus off throughout! Perhaps at times the NZ stamp is hammered down a little too hard, but easily forgiven when you have a film that’s this fresh, this fun and most of all able to surprise when you’d maybe thought you’d seen everything these Marvel movies had to offer.

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