Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★½

(Score-only version)

What I like about this version is how it emphasizes the two best parts of (new) Star Wars: the music and the visuals. Most of what I don’t like about The Last Jedi is related to some bad dialogue, out of place humor, and some other moments and characters that are just cheesy or dumb. That being said, I enjoyed this version (I do also enjoy the original version). 
This movie looks really good; there are a ton of appealing shots and scenes that I really enjoy looking at. The score is pretty good too — or, rather, as good as it can be while still being Star Wars

My favorite scene (and one of my favorite scenes in the whole franchise) is definitely the throne room scene; I always get hyped when Kylo kills Snoke and there’s that longish shot where Rey grabs the lightsaber. The set is really cool, the cinematography is great, the choreography is fun, the design of the guards has really grown on me, and the score is at its best — watching Kylo and Rey fight together with all of these great components is exhilarating.

(I’m gonna save my thoughts about the direction and execution of the story for when I rewatch it with the rest of the franchise before The Rise of Skywalker.)

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