A Nightmare on Elm Street ★★★★★

I'm not even sure if I can adequately talk about this movie. It's like talking about formative life experiences. This movie just IS to me. It's like trying to talk about the bedrock of yourself. This movie has always been there and shaped my expectation for what horror movies (and movies in general) could and should be.

I think the fact that I was exposed to this movie so early on helps explain my boredom with other slashers. What other mainstream horror franchise plays with the surreal and grotesque so much? Just by virtue of it's conceit the film gives itself permission to color outside the lines, and go balls to the wall with weirdness. I still think that the school dream sequence with the bodybag being dragged down the hallway by invisible forces is one of the most chilling and beautiful visuals in horror.

Expect totally biased reviews of most of the Nightmare movies as it's the horror franchise I think of as "mine."