Fantastic Planet ★★★½

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Fantastic Planet feels like I’m reading through a killer Pop-Up book. That’s a good thing. I like Pop-Up books. The design of everything here is killer and honestly is one of the things I take away from this film the most. The odd creatures that inhabit Ygam, the twisty plant life that grows outside and the Draags themselves are all designed wonderfully and in a way that makes this planet feel fully realised, I know it’s based on a book so that might help, but everything about Ygam makes sense and works within its own rule set which is something I always like to see. The other biggest takeaway is the score which i loved. It’s freaky and weird but I shazammed a fair few of the songs during my watch, I’ll admit.

I think the film is a little too psychedelic for me to be haunted by it like so many others seem to be, I found it hard to feel for Terr because he was always part of this world, he wasn’t an outsider he was firmly routed within it. His fate was always going to be either domesticated or wild, so I struggled to really engage with him and his plight.

If nothing else Fantastic Planet is... strange. Maybe a little too strange for it’s own good, but it’s backed up by a wonderful soundtrack and a lovely artstyle and design which are the two things that make this film shine for me.

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