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  • Crash


    watching this for the second time, the films focus on fantasy seems more obvious to me, the structuring of an erotic context beyond the physical act of sex itself....the car is less an exoskeleton and more of a condom. it is only useful as an extension of the human body as far as it can be disposed of once the its illusory armor is penetrated. pleasure is derived from the simultaneous upholding of two apparently opposed ideals—on one hand, the…

  • The New York Centerfold Massacre

    The New York Centerfold Massacre

    initially i had no idea what to make of really any louis ferriol film aside from the obvious fact that they are elaborate fetish films. ferriol has not proven shy about his obsessive fixation on womens legs in his movies nor interviews wherein he cites connie mason having her leg amputated in blood feast as early inspiration...and yet something else is apparent, or becomes more apparent after seeing more of his movies. i cant stop watching his work for pretty…

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  • Law of the Border

    Law of the Border

    incredible film starring the "ugly king" himself, yilmaz güney in a highly culturally specific twist on the western's classic preoccupations with dichotomies like the wild west vs domestication, or the violent past of a land that was necessary to insure an opposing civilized future where those lawless men cannot survive...where law of the border differs perhaps from american westerns slanted on justifying our genocidal past is in its transparent disdain of this so-called civilized future as dictated by the governmental…

  • Island of Death

    Island of Death

    despite the fact that mastorakis himself has admitted he filled this film with the most shocking content he could conceive of hoping the money would pour in like it did for the texas chainsaw massacre (spoiler: no), island of death manages to make some interesting revisions to the exploitation genre nonetheless...while the title implies the classic "civilized white visitors vs primitive violent locals" narrative popularized in the 70s, "island of death" conversely refers to the state of the space as…