Lady Bird ★★★★★

Wow. What a charming, sweet, raw, genuine film. I went into this movie blind as a bat, no trailers and the only plot I knew was it tells the story of a year in Lady Bird’s life. There was a mix of Brooklyn & Edge of Seventeen but completely stands on its own. 

Greta Gerwig is now all of a sudden a phenomenal writer and director. The way she was able to make me care all these characters was insane. It’s a movie that everyone will be able to watch and be able to relate to some aspect. Gerwig is a lock for a director, original screenplay, and best picture nominations. 

If Saoirse Ronan doesn’t WIN best actress this year than it’s a crime. She’s been nominated twice before, and I have to believe this is finally the movie she’ll win for. Best Supporting Actress also better be going to Laurie Metcalf. She was phenomenal as the mother. I spent the whole movie trying to figure out how I recognized her voice, but no idea who she was. Andy’s Mom from Toy Story ladies and gentlemen. 

Lady Bird was a phenomenal film, it’s a movie that will be immensely re-watchable because of how well made it is. It flies by with great editing, the performances are so good they suck you into the story, and it’s one of the best balances of comedy/drama I’ve ever seen. The jokes make you laugh out loud, and the dramatic elements hit you hard. Well fucking done Lady Bird, you’re amazing. 


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