Suspiria ★★★★½

The most inconsistent facet of film criticism as of late is the need for wanting something new and bold -- while still expecting films to settle comfortably into a specific genre. With every remake or reboot, we are quick to lament the death of originality, of creativity, of boldness. Why can't there be anything "different" out there anymore?

In comes Suspiria, a remake, certainly -- but one that feels like a strange beast unto itself. Guadagnino has taken complete ownership of this demented fable and churned out a film that is daring, bleak, and stunning for its entire 152 minute runtime. And in a perfect world, it would be lauded for its pure uniqueness, to be unlike any other film in 2018. Instead what I'm seeing are people calling it dull, lifeless, a pale imitation of the original. And while I can totally understand some of those concerns, I worry that some will not keep an open mind to the work the artistry that is on display here (three people walked out of the showing I was in). It is a film that demands rewatches, reflection, and introspection cast under the guise of a traditional "horror" film. It's incredibly brilliant and replaying itself over and over again in my mind. Truly haunting stuff here.

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