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  • The Gift

  • The Dead Zone

  • Videodrome

  • Pretty Woman

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  • Commodity City

    Commodity City

    "Accumulation itself can designate the general growth in wealth, in money or commodity form, as a consequence of the circuits of capital -
    of an individual or a whole system (as in global capital accumulation). But that is simply a halted, visible form of the crux of accumulation: the temporary freezing of capital as either money or commodities before transforming again, one into the other, in the process of circulation. Because, for the system of capital, accumulation that does not…

  • The American Dreamer

    The American Dreamer

    "Like, when I was little, I lived on a farm near Dodge City, Kansas. Wheat fields all around, as far as you could see. No neighbors, no other kids. Just a train that came through once a day. I used to spend hours wondering where it came from and where it went to. Then when I was about five my grandmother put some eggs in her apron and we walked five miles to town and she sold the eggs and…

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  • The Last Movie

    The Last Movie

    "Bergman is the greatest. He got it all together, man . . . We think the Indians are primitive because they believe that hairy men come out of the mountains at night and carry off stragglers, but real people came out of hills around L.A. and murdered Sharon Tate . . . I see areas of light and shade first of all and color as an afterthought. Light is my obsession. I feel it as an elemental source of power,…

  • Under the Skin

    Under the Skin

    How Strange It Is To Be Anything At All