Bodies Bodies Bodies

Bodies Bodies Bodies ★★★★

“You’re silencing me!”

A cult classic in the making and one that older generations will look on to get a glimpse of the eccentricities of Gen-Z “culture.” From the hyper-pop reverberating in the background to the pointed, of-the-moment dialogue, I feel comfortable in calling this a real time capsule of this “new” era. Thankfully, the dialogue is absolutely hilarious and the horror violence is really strong. I wasn’t sure at all how it was going to wrap everything up, but it manages to make it make sense for the characters and makes it equally as funny too. This cast is fantastic but it’s Rachel Sennott that is the clear standout. After this and “Shiva Baby,” I need her to be in everything. I had high hopes for this and it delivered, it’s an absolute blast.

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