Before Midnight

Before Midnight ★★★★★

Know Thyself.

I was lucky enough to borrow the first two films in this trilogy from a friend recently and fell in love with the story of Jesse and Celine. The first and second film set up a romance to root for. The third movie sets up a romance on the rocks.

We last left Jesse and Celine in her apartment where Jesse was getting dangerously close to missing his flight and not returning to his family back home. This new film picks up years later with them being together with two kids and a third from his previous marriage. They live in Paris but are vacationing in Greece for the summer. Jesse and Celine seem happy and content but tensions are building and their relationship is in question.

The chemistry and heat is still there between Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy. At this point, you almost feel like they are an actual couple and we are just getting a voyeuristic view into their personal lives. I enjoyed watching them deal with everyday situations and seeing them outside of their element dealing with other characters. If i had to choose a side in the fight between Jesse and Celine....I would have to go with Jesse on this one. Celine came across as bitter while Jesse felt lost.

For the first time in the set of films, we get to know other people on a personal level. The most intriguing to me was a young couple that seemed to be mimicking what Jesse and Celine looked like in the first film. They talked about meeting each other for the first time and keeping in contact via skype whenever they could. It's funny to think that the mystery of another person is gone due to the social nature of the internet. Things would have been a lot easier for Jesse and Celine nowadays.

The film is left open for more which makes me happy and it was a welcome addition to the before franchise. (that is so weird to say..franchise)