Burning ★★★★

Great film with a lot more to appreciate on a rewatch. If I had to be honest Burning is more fun to spend time thinking about and analyzing than watching. There were parts where the slow pace got kinda annoying, the earlier half with the girl in Africa where we had to spend a long stretch of time with Ben bored me a bit (This is obviously important in setting up his life in order to contrast it with Steven Yeun's character). Despite that, this is a very deeply layered film with great performances, particularly from Steven Yeun. I also really love the way this is filmed with how the camera follows the characters around or just pans away. This, mixed with the dialogue creates this looming sense of danger/unease that anything could go wrong or that something just isn't right with what could be an otherwise mundane scene. There's a lot here to think about thematically, and despite the slow pace being an annoyance at times, this slow-burn pays off with a fantastic ending leaving you with a lot to dissect at your plate.

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