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  • Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker


    🎬 β€’ 🍿 β€’ πŸ“€ β€’ 🎞️ β€’ πŸŽ₯

    Perpetually entertained by the boomer who, after sitting through absurdity after absurdity, pointless characterless scene after pointless characterless scene, and accepting (or hopefully not) this reddit-penned plot, audibly called out to a packed midnight screening cinema 'RIGHT! They've gone too far!!! during the two seconds of Disneyβ„’ approved lesbian kissing.


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  • Gemini Man

    Gemini Man


    🎬 β€’ 🍿 β€’ πŸ“€ β€’ 🎞️ β€’ πŸŽ₯

    **1 day before Gemini Man script is due**

    Ang Lee: Looking forward to seeing that script tomorrow!
    Screenwriters: Yep, no problem mate! You're gonna love it!!
    (Ang Lee-aves)
    Screenwriters: Oh fuck! Was that due tomorrow?!


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  • Hunt for the Wilderpeople

    Hunt for the Wilderpeople


    🎬 β€’ 🍿 β€’ πŸ“€ β€’ 🎞️ β€’ πŸŽ₯

    A couple of quick points:

    - Easily one of Waititi's best pieces
    - 'I didn't choose the skuxx life, the skuxx life chose me'
    - Basically 'Up', but better

  • On the Rocks

    On the Rocks


    🎬 β€’ 🍿 β€’ πŸ“€ β€’ 🎞️ β€’ πŸŽ₯

    After binging a fair whack of Sofia Coppola over the last few weeks (Heck! I've even seen 'A Very Murray Christmas'), I feel 'educated' enough to state that 'On the Rocks' is the first film of hers that is missing the subtly, poise, and character charm which has defined so much of her other work. In plainer words, On the Rocks is Coppola devoid of Coppola.

    Film #22 for 2020 releases

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  • Paterson



    🎬 β€’ 🍿 β€’ πŸ“€ β€’ 🎞️ β€’ πŸŽ₯

    "When you’re a child, you learn there are three dimensions: height, width, and depth. Like a shoebox. Then later, you hear there’s a fourth dimension: time" - Paterson

    I want more films like this in my life. Raw, organic, yet so stunningly bourgeois in its delivery of the ordinary life. Besides the poetry, which was on occasion, stifling beautiful, Adam Driver stole this film for me. An incredible delivery of such a wonderful study in being human, I recommend that you find time for this slice of extraordinary ordinary.


  • Hair Love

    Hair Love


    🎬 β€’ 🍿 β€’ πŸ“€ β€’ 🎞️ β€’ πŸŽ₯

    😭 I am sorry! But it is FUCKED UP how ridiculously emotional this short made me...

    This has gotta be a serious contender for the Academy Awards...