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This review may contain spoilers.

Not quite as good as Hereditary for a couple of reasons (the long length of the movie and some slight unintentional humor plus Hereditary being something of a lightning in a bottle situation) but still worth viewing all the same. Aster shows such masterful control with his direction and actors while the film's final 40 minutes is something that bounces between being uncomfortable, disturbing but ultimately cathartic.

It was interesting watching this in a theater while I was the only guy in an audience that was all women, as I was squirming with extreme discomfort, grabbing onto my girlfriend's hand and shambling out of the theater in distress while they were cackling. And just for the record, I wasn't in concern over the boyfriend character for the simple fact that he was a dick for screwing some other chick when he was in a relationship already.

Quick note: My girlfriend was unaffected by this movie + 100% calm during and after the entire thing.

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