Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★★★

For the record, I kind of hate that my most popular review on here was a post on this particular film that came at the hight of my enjoyment of Disney Star Wars. Of course, several years later pass by and my enjoyment towards the franchise has been pretty much reduced to nothing due to how many TV shows I could honestly give a shit about or how much of a colossal wet fart Rise of Skywalker was. Still, I'm perfectly fine with this being my ending for the Skywalker saga: Ambiguous enough for one's mind to fill in the blanks yet giving you all of the spectacle and excitement you'd want out of a movie like this. I will admit that this thing is excessive as hell, almost as if Johnson realized that this would be the only time he'd have a chance to make a movie on this scale and he threw everything he could possibly think of in it, kitchen sink too.

Weirdly enough, this is also the only film of Johnson's I'll say I flat out love without any reservations: Something about his approach to Lucas' world is so peculiar that I can't help but be sucked into it, occasionally spotty or inappropriate dialogue aside. It was nice having an actual voice since Lucas and his prequels to make a damn movie with a clear voice but Disney has since retreated to safe territory as a result and I fear we may not get anything like this for a while. And considering how absolutely cursed it is to get a new one of these off the ground and into cinemas (seriously, look at the amount of canceled projects we've had since Rise), I feel as if it's going to be something of a long haul.

But I guess it'll make it all the more sweeter when we get something good. And in the meantime, I can st least take solace in knowing I've got all of these movies in my collection ready to be re-expirenced all over again to my heart's content. As a wise man once said, the force will be with us, always. I'm happy I took this journey again, even if it wasn't the complete trip. It hit all of the right spots and I left with a genuine smile on my damn face.

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